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Orthodontic Services

How can Spring & Sprout help my family?

At Spring & Sprout, our teams are committed to supporting you and your family in all of your orthodontic needs. Our orthodontic teams are sensitive to the individual needs of you and your child and are committed to making your visits to our offices a positive experience!

Why choose an Orthodontist?

Though your child's pediatric dentist may be able to identify many developmental irregularities, an orthodontist is a dental specialist whose primary training and focus revolves around the identification and correction of crooked teeth and misaligned jaw structures. Orthodontists are trained to spot subtle problems with jaw growth and tooth development early on—even while baby teeth are still present!  We understand that maintaining good oral hygiene is on ongoing process and we are committed to supporting you and your family in all of your braces and orthodontic needs.

When is Orthodontics recommended?

There is no set age for a child to visit an orthodontics office, but our specialists like to see kids as soon as possible so problems—such as tooth or jaw development—can be spotted early. Early visits don’t always mean braces right away, but it does give us time to familiarize ourselves with the unique needs of your child and help you choose the best time to start any necessary treatment! Unsure where to begin? Contact us today for more information on choosing a specialist that’s right for you and your child or schedule an appointment with your local orthodontist today!

Still have questions? Check our Parent’s Corner to find trusted resources from our specialists and parents just like you!

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